"Life is art.  It makes me feel more alive, inspired, creative and expressive.  It's my opportunity to escape and be absorbed in a single piece of work.  To look closer at something.  The energy and anticipation that builds with every project.  The pride in the finished piece and the happiness it brings to others."

My creative range is not limited to pencil drawings.  I am also a career graphic artist, designer and avid cartoonist.  I have a serious side which reflects in my originals, but occasionally lean on humorous and satirical themes with my cartoons and illustrated work.

I enjoyed a storied and specialized career in pre-press graphics that spanned four decades and has provided me the opportunity to blend my natural artistic feel for drawing and design with the discipline of a technologist.  I started my graphic arts career back in 1979 as a gravure color retoucher.  It was a skill position that launched me into a plethora of great opportunities, especially as the digital age emerged.  More recently, I have worked as an artist, graphic artist and designer in the e-commerce environment.  Building a career, starting a family and maintaining a home all conspired to distract me from drawing.  Not that I would have had it any other way.

So here we are today with a full bag of creative skills, ambitious energy, and a deep imagination.  My dream in life was to find a peaceful balance between family obligations and work while maintaining my sense of humor.  Mission accomplished!

I have now found myself in a position where I can draw on a regular basis, here in my studio.  This means I can improve my skills and see what a wider audience makes of it all.  The exploration continues.