Original Drawings

By artist Craig Larson


Rising from the Waters

Sculpture by Chauncey Bradley Ives

Private Collection

Railroad art, railroad tracks art, railroad pencil drawing, train tracks art


Featured at Maple & Main Gallery, Chester, Connecticut

Juried Art Show ~ January 26 to March 31, 2018

Labrador Retriever art, Original pencil art and prints, Labrador portrait, Retriever pencil original, labrador retriever pencil art


Private Collection

Prints available

Blue Collar

Boot art, shoe drawing, boot drawing, blue collar art, leather boot art
Hand art, Masculine art, Hand tool art, Hand drawing, Male art, Man hand drawing, Working hand art

Hand Tool

Buckle Up

ski art, ski drawing, skiboot art, snowsport art, alpine art, alpine drawing, snowsport drawing, downhill art
Labrador art, labrador retriever drawing, dog drawing, retriever drawing


Private Collection

Pineapple art, pineapple drawing, pineapple pencil drawing, amazing pineapple, aloha art, hawaiian art


Barbell art, Barbell drawing, weightlifting art, pump iron art, muscle art, masculine art, black and white art


Baseball art, All American art, Americas game art, baseball artwork, baseball glove art

As American As

Pipe Dream

Elephant art, elephant pencil drawing, elephant portrait, amazing elephant art


Bald Eagle art, Eagle pencil drawing, Bald Eagle original art, Americas national symbol, patriotic art

Bald Eagle


tool art, wrenches art, tool pencil drawing, pipe wrench art, toolbox art

Wrench in the Works

Hardscape art, Rock art, archway art, Masonry drawing, Masonry art, Stone arch drawing, Stone art

Rock and a Hard Place

Oyster Mushroom

mushroom art, mushroom drawing, nature art, nature drawing, natural art, beautiful art, beautiful drawing, freeform art, outdoor art

Five and Dime

Sole Mates

Blue Jeans art, american art, blue jeans drawing, jeans art drawing



Barred Owl

gentleman art, grandfather art, amazing portrait, hand and face art, male figure art


Power Nap


bee art, honey bee drawing, cool bee art, bee pencil drawing, incredible bee art, bee flying, honey bee artwork


Yaz drawing,Yaz art, Yastrzemski drawng, Yaz portrait, Yastrzemski portrait


Private Collection

Prints available

Military art, WW2 art, Cigarette art, Combat art, Soldier art, Helmet drawing, Americana art

Soldier's Escape

Missing Her

First Light


Panthera Tigris

May Flowers




Line Crossed

Minimal Exposure

Private Collection

Bust of Christ

Sculpture by Andrea del Verrocchio

ca. 1470-83

Private Collection

Deliver Us from Evil


Unidentified Boxer


Forgive Us


Wichita Lineman


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